As property prices in the centre core rise, most industrial parts of a big city become more attractive and seem like a viable option.  Cool artsy types move in and adopt the area, gentrification happens, and suddenly the next cool neighbourhood emerges.  Around the 1990s with property prices going up, this is exactly what happened to Queen West.  A strip between Bathurst Street and Gladstone Avenue reinvented itself as the city’s art and design hub with galleries, boutique hotels, trendy cafes and off beat restaurants.

This part of the Toronto started off as an immigrant area with mostly Portuguese residents settling in between the 1950s-1970s.  The gentrification of the area over the past 20 years has caused many of these residents to move out to more affordable areas as the desirability of this trendy area drives up home prices.

In this area you will find a wide range of prices and styles of homes from grand Victorian to more affordable row homes.  The area caters to families, professionals, and definitely attracts those with a creative artistic edge.


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