Looking for a cozy neighborhood you can call home?  The Leslieville neighbourhood could be your choice. Leslieville is charming with its village-like feel,  cozy homes, tree lined roads and quaint stores. It was once an industrialized area but has quickly become an urbanized area with the departure of factories and reduction of fumes and air pollution in the place. Hence, more artisans and middle class families are looking at Leslieville real estate for a place they can consider a home.

Leslieville is surprisingly peaceful and serene with close proximity to downtown Toronto.  The Leslieville neighbourhood has new numerous upscale restaurants, cafes, bistros, and shops with trendy and eclectic home furnishings. They have design elements that could be antique, minimalist and retro. In the Leslieville real estate market, you will find an array of homes from classic semi-detached, grand Victorians, townhomes, small bungalows and lofts.   The homes especially north and south of Queen Street that have been updated or renovated are getting premium prices competitive with other highly  coveted Toronto neighbourhoods. More and more families are moving into the area and consider Leslieville a perfect place to call home.

Leslieville condos are a new type of real estate for the area.  The artistic community of Leslieville had been long housing creative and artistic individuals including graphic designers, photographers, musicians and painters. The place offers a panorama that inspires these individuals to stay in the neighbourhood.  It is a home for a diverse mix of retro and vintage shops, cafes, fashion and design stores, and considered to be one of the hippest place to dine in the city. Part of Leslieville attractiveness stems from its vibrant and stylish shopping and dining scene. Superb bistros like those of the Tomi Kro, Leslie Jones, Table 17 and Joy Bistro can be found in the prime stretch of Queen East making Leslieville an unparalleled dining destination for creative and moderately-priced cuisine.

There are many elements that make up this eclectic neighbourhood.  The architecture is not limited to stylish renovated Victorian homes.   Various types of Leslieville homes are ideal for any buyer’s preference, style and budget.  They include everything from semi-detached Victorians on popular streets such as Bertmount, Brooklyn, Boston, Heward and Coady  to public housing complexes, modest single-family homes and design-oriented architect’s home. Leslieville real estate provides an array of houses that can fit a wide range of style and budget.

This east-end neighbourhood is constantly being labelled “the next big thing”, but by many accounts Leslieville has "already arrived". It is mainly untouched by chain and big box stores, and gives lots of space for independent shops, top cafes, cozy ambient- rich restaurants. Many of these tight-knit business owners love the area so much, they live and work here.

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