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Top Ten Features Homeowners Want

August 24, 2012 - Updated: September 19, 2012
Canadian home buyers have undergone a “reset” in their preferences and priorities following the recent economic upheaval. Understanding what features to invest in, and what features are no longer appealing to homebuyers are important to know when making improvements.

Some Features that have lost their mass appeal are:

1.  Butler's Pantry/Servery
2.  Whirlpool Tubs
3.  Formal Dining and Living Rooms

Features Homeowners Want Are:

1. Open Concept Homes – Buyers no longer want separate rooms for different family functions. Buyers see multi-purpose spaces as more valuable, so long as they’re well laid out and the space is used efficiently. An example would be a family room that also has a media area, reading area and office space.

2.  Smaller Homes – Bigger homes equal big price tags, big time commitments, and big expenses to keep up. A well designed smaller home with modern open floor plans are the trend. It’s not so much about how much space you have, but rather how well it is being used.
3.  Outdoor Living Spaces - There is a growing desire for an urban oasis. A not as important in the winter, but in the summer, people have their eye out for this, and creating feeling here is important. If the buyer can picture the kids playing on the grassy area, while they’re entertaining friends on the deck, this is a big selling feature.
renovations that pay, updated bathroom
4. Neutral Décor – This is a bit cliché, but this trend is not going away. No one wants to erase your electric pink and green rooms, and modify it to their tastes. People will actually pay more for something that is neutral because they can move in and not have to change anything right away. This is absolutely a selling feature, as it’s one less thing on the daunting task of moving that the buyers will not have to think about right away.
5.  Modern and Upgraded Kitchens - The area continues to be a key investment that brings ROI (return on investment). I have been witness to buyers falling in love with a kitchen and that being the selling point for which they decided to move forward. It is a very big selling feature.
6.  Amenities – Homeowners like areas that offer a lot of amenities. If you can walk to them that’s a bigger bonus. Examples of these types of neighbourhoods are Leaside, Davisville Village, Bloor West Village, St. Lawrence Market, Riverdale, Leslieville… Just to name a few.
7.  Be Green – High efficiency furnaces, energy efficient appliances and windows are things that buyers are looking for. They’ve become just as exciting to buyers as architectural features like fireplaces, skylights and walk in closets. Decreasing our energy footprint in response to a growing concern about our global environment is something that has become an important factor in the purchasing decision.
8.  Linen Closet and Smart Storage OptionsClever Storage options built in to multi functional spaces is something that intrigues buyers and helps them ‘place their own things’ in an organized manner. We have so many “things” nowadays that finding efficient nooks to place them is so tempting. Buyers love it.
9.  Energy Efficient Fixtures and Appliances – In keeping Green, buyers are also looking for energy efficient fixtures. Examples are low flow toilets, upgraded lighting with layered lighting plans within a space instead of just flipping on one switch.
10.  Walkouts – Being able to walk out directly from your kitchen or dining room into the backyard is a feature that is particularly attractive to families. Being able to be in the kitchen, entertain, and oversee the kids all at the same time is just part of the lifestyle we are growing accustomed to.

































































































































































































































































































































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