Upcoming Toronto Neighbourhood - Corktown

By: Perry Baria

Upcoming Toronto Neighbourhood - Corktown

Tags: Upcoming Toronto Neighbourhood - Corktown

Toronto's Corktown neighbourhood is quickly evolving and improving, thanks to an influx of new condominium complexes, residential developments and new businesses.

 Corktown has never lacked personality and character. In fact, its residents have always had a very strong sense of pride and community. But as a whole, the neighbourhood was lacking a strong commercial infrastructure and as a result, Corktown was gradually fading into a state of neglect.

 But Corktown has received an infusion of new vitality, thanks to developers who saw the tremendous potential that exists in the Toronto neighbourhood, which is situated to the north of the city’s Distillery district. The new residential and commercial developments have revitalized Corktown, which continues to flourish thanks to the new companies, new residents and new visitors who now are flowing into the district.

 The Globe and Mail has named Corktown “one of the five neighbourhoods to watch” in 2013.