By: Perry Baria

6 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Balcony

Tags: Balcony, Toronto Condos, Home improvement, renovation, interior design


As an experienced agent in the downtown Toronto real estate market for 14+ years, I have definitely have seen my fair share of balconies and terraces.

Some balconies perfectly blend the interior and exterior space, and truly extend the indoor space, while other types of balconies only serve to inhibit natural light coming into the suite. 

I thought I would share some quick tips that are easy to do to make use of that extra square footage and get you seeing some “extra potential” for your outdoor space!

  1. Put to use old crates by turning them into a storage bench or shelving!
  1. 2. Make a DIY hanging chair for prime relaxation!

    3. Place candles or string lights in mason jars and create the perfect mood lights!

    4. Re-purpose a pallet and create a vertical garden!

    5. Cinder Blocks Make for a great flower bed!

    6. Go all out with cushions, pillows and string lighting for creating a cozy vibe

Lighting + Candles + Cozy Seating + Flowers = A Backyard Oasis!